reciprocating hyadraulic plane scissoring machine -凯发88

reciprocating hyadraulic plane scissoring machine

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reciprocating  hyadraulic plane scissoring machine

the machine is applicable for cutting of leather, rubber, plastic, paperboard, cloth, foam, nylon, synthetic leather and pvc plate etc. materials by die cutter in leather processing, luggage and baggage, automobile decoration, shoemaking and plastic rubber etc. industries.
  1.the double oil cylinder, precise four-column automatic balancing connection rod mechanism can guarantee all cutting positions have the same depth.
  2.the upper pressing board can move forward and backward so that the operation visual ield of operator is the best and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.
  3.when cutting, after feeding material and arranging die cutter, the upper pressing board will move forward, descend, punch, ascend and automatically move backward. all the actions are completed without a letup, which has greatly increased work efficiency.  4.during the cutting operation, the photoelectric tube control is adopted with the most safe operation.

maximum momentum 350kn/400kn 500kn/600kn
seissor speed 0.11m/s
stroke adjustment 0—120mm
range between the working tables 60—160mm 60-180mm
translational speed 0.40m/s
size of the upper pressing board 1600×600mm 1600×780mm
size of the pressing board 1600×610mm 1600×800mm
motor power 3kw 4kw
overall dimension 2320×1600×1520/1720mm
total weight 2500kg 4000 kg

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