thick cloth cutting machine -凯发88

thick cloth cutting machine

model no.︰lbj-1600

brand name︰chengen

country of origin︰china

unit price︰-

minimum order︰1 pc

product description


  • cloth end auto-stop and return starting place.
  • 5 minutes power auto-shut off.
  • when emergency stop, laid cloth won't be pulled.
standard equipment
  • bucket type servo unwinding. set bar .
  • emergency stop. auto-lifting.
  • adjustable cutter head travel length. counter.
  • edge control. auto-cutter. rewinding.
  • one side quick lock movable catcher. fixed catcher for face to face.
model cs2-160 cs2-190
maximum cloth width 1600m 1900mm
tablewidth 2000mm 3000mm
machine weight 255kgs 270kgs
power 1p/220v 1kw
weight of cloth roll 100kgs max
diameter of cloth roll 450mm max
travel speed 20m/min max
lay height 230mm

product image