automatic graded in a material precise four-凯发88

automatic graded in a material precise four-column cutting machine

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xclp3-1000 type hydraulic four-column automatic feed blanking machine is the introduction of advanced foreign technology, developed by the production of large tonnage large areas of special suitable for large area once again can not completely punching workpiece materials in mechanical. mainly suitable for leather, plastic, cloth, leather bags, toys, class foamed sheet, rubber products, cork sheet, etc. various kinds of need a knife die cutting things, all applicable. 
1, double oil cylinders, four-column automatic balance connecting rod device, ensure cutting depth of each cutting position the same.
2, automatic feeding device, secondary cutting make the production efficiency improving two to three times. 
3, two-pass cutting, the first period of decline, the second paragraph centralized pressure, high pressure cutting, the cutting things edge tidy, growth mechanical life, and save power consumption.
4, special setting of the knife mold structure to fit the cutting knife and cutting height to make the adjustment of stroke simple and accurate. 
5, the automatic lubrication system can guarantee the machine precisionenhance machine durability.
6, chassis for tank increases the tank volume so as to ensure the long-term work lubricating oil temperature keep promise range, protect the oil temperature is not rise. 
7, can double work together at the same time, not affected by cutting the thickness of materials, the height of the knife mold different limit

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