lining metroscope -凯发88

lining metroscope

model no.︰cc-1600

brand name︰-

country of origin︰china

unit price︰-

minimum order︰-

product description

the name lining counts the rice hulling machine
 product synopsis 
this aircraft to be suitable in the use and counts the rice equipment to the roller to the leather, the plastic, the cardboard, weaves materials and so on divine creative force or the multi-layered idea code, is the shoemaking, the box package, the clothing, profession and so on automobile, handicraft, packing, electron storage managements, trades the sell lining computation the good partner.suits in 1600mm each kind of cloth. counts the rice using the numeral to be possible to establish the dinking die length to carry on the work.easy to operate. 
attaches moves the drive wheel, the migration is convenient. 
specification pattern 
size 242*70*120cm 
net weight 80kgs 
power source single-phase /220v 
cotton material diameter 50cm 
cotton material weight 80kgs 
measures the long speed for 100 yards/minutes (limitless adjustable)
 the cotton material width 82

product image