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baggage security check machine -凯发88

model no.︰at5030a
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country of origin︰china
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product description
1.      alarm by sounds & light::alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition.
2.      network interface:could be connect local area network and support multi-terminal check baggage at same times
3.      safety ray:transmit ray under automatic control, avoids the miss
4.      image monitoring for user-friendly:the monitor use 360° the fold, rotary system, operators adjusts the monitor position willfully according to own need, reduces wearily.
5.      simple operation by mouse:without keyboard and work table, control by mouse, save space.
6.      turn off by a key control:turn off the machine only need one step:revolves the key. the equipment automatic security close-down, does not need complex many steps, is simpler.
7.      eagle-eye:could be expediently observing enlargement area.
8.      estimate malfunction by self:automatic estimate malfunction and prompt message, helpful for the maintenance.
technical data:
tunnel size:                    500(w)×300(h)mm
conveyor speed:                 0.22m/s
conveyor max load:              150 kg
single inspection dosage           < 1.5µgy
wire resolution:                 0.101mm metal line
steel penetration:                 8mm armor plate
film safety:                     for iso 1600
maximum leakage radiation        <0.3µgy/h            
x-ray generator:
orientation:                        vertically upward
tube current:                       0.4~1.2ma(adjustable)
anode voltage:                      80kv(adjustable)
angle:                             60°
generator cooling/working periods       sealed oil bath with forced air/100%
image performance system:
x-ray sensor:                  l type photo-diode array detector, 12bit
monitor:                       high resolution 17inch color lcd display
color quality:                24 bit real colors
edge enhancement:           object contour edge is more distinct
super image enhancement:   image detail is more distinct
high penetrate strength display:   increase brightness of dark area in image to display object which is behind high absorptivity mass distinctly
low penetrate strength display:              increase contrast of low absorptivity mass (easy to penetrate) to display it distinctly
magnifier:                              function of partial enlargement
brightening/dimming:  increase brightness of image/decrease brichtness of image
image recurrence:     display previous twenty images and process any one of them
image restoration:      restore image to initial status at the time of stopping
image storing:            real time store any image and process it in operation status
multi-energy function:
multi-energy color:   display organic material for orange, display inorganic material for blue, and display mixture for green
high energy/low enercy:       switch to display two energy type, high energy stands for metal etc., low energe stands for nonmetallic
auxiliay function for drugs & explosives: help to detect such dangerous material as drugs & explosives etc.
audible & visible alarm:  give sound and visible signal when conforming to condition
operating environment:
storage temperature:             -20ºc to 60ºc
operating temperature:           0ºc to 45ºc
relative humidity:               20 to 95% non-condensing
system power:                  220 vac (±10%) 50±3hz
power wastage:                1.0 kw (max)
noise:                        <60db
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