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model :hs-s9060/1080/1280
specification :900×600mm/1000×800mm/ 1200×800mm


model: hs-s9060/ hs-s1080/ hs-s1280 (with rotary attachment)

specification: 900×600mm/ 1000×800mm/ 1200×800mm

product name:

motorized up-down table laser engraver(with rotary attachment)

product type:

hs-s series motorized laser machine

item number:

hs-s9060/hs-s1080/ hs-s1280

processing area:






1. the up-down work table design satisfies the customers’ need of engraving thick materials.

2. the front and back running-through design, suitable for extra-length material process.

3. auto focus system, red dot pointer and rotary attachment are optional.

4. hermetic exhausting system with unfixed exhausted kit, thoroughly resolves waster air exhausting problem from the laser processing and fulfills the related process requirements.




processing area: 900×600mm/1000×800mm/1200×800mm

ascending and descending distance: 300mm

laser power: 60/80w

max. cutting speed: 36000mm/min

max. engraving speed: 64000mm/min

electro motion ascending and descending weight: 20kg

resolution ration: 0.0064mm

minimum shaping character: chinese character: 2×2mm, letter: 1×1mm

location precision: <0.01/mm

power supply: ac220±10%, 50hz (according to different countries’ status).

gross power: 1100w

graphic format supported: bmp, plt, ai, dxf, dst, gif and so on;




cylinders engraving and nonmetal materials cutting for advertising, decorative, crafts and gifts, model industries etc.


applicable materials:


acrylic, mdf, plywood, bamboo products, color plates, fabrics, paper, leather, shellfish, coconut shell, horn, resin, animal skin, abs boards, lamp etc.

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