sheet automatic punching machine -凯发88

sheet automatic punching machine

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country of origin︰china

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product description

for the leather processing industry, rubber, plastics, bags, blister, pvc sheet and other non-metallic materials, the cutting operation.
1, the computer control system of touch-screen display, simple operation, fast and accurate.
2, double cylinder, precision four-column self-balancing connecting rod structure, and make sure that each one finding the depth of the same.
3, products with specialty-stroke setting, suitable for thick materials and special high-rule die blanking.
4. cutting board under the pressure contact blade slowly cut automatically, so finding the top and the bottom material is not size of the error.
5. unique set construction, with the cutting knife and cutting height, stroke adjustment simple and accurate.
6. automatic lubrication system to ensure the machine accuracy and enhance the machine durability.
7, coupled with one-sided or double-sided automatic feeding device, so that machine production efficiency two to three times.

main technical parameters
1, cutting width 1600 (1000) mm
2, blanking speed ≤ 20 times / min
3, stroke adjustment range of 0-5mm
4, knives to the table from 3-8mm
5, the electrical power 1.1kw
6, table size front   1600 (1000) x3000
        background 1600 (1000) x2000
7, the feed roller
100 × 1000 (1600) mm
8, feed stepper motor 1.5kw
9, table operating height of 800 ± 10 mm
10, machine weight 1000 kg
11, power supply 380v
technical requirements:
1) the effective range of cutting knife ≤ 1600mm (≤ 1000mm)
2) cutting thickness ≤ 5mm
3) start cutting the pedal safety switch can also be switched into the automatic cutting process
4) for the safe operation of two side-cutter to install two pairs of infrared control device. used to improve security control point transmitting and receiving reliability.
5) the equipment is a high degree of 800 ± 10mm
6) an electronic calculator
7) cutting length of the use of plc program control, arbitrarily set the length of ≥ 100mm

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