automatic guillotine -凯发88

automatic guillotine

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country of origin︰china

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product description

the machine is applicable for cutting of leather, plastic rubber and composite materials etc. narrow materials by die cutter, and is especially applicable for cutting of vulcanized shoe sole etc. industries that require small die cutter, regular cutting and batch production.
  1.the double oil cylinder, gantry type guiding, automatic balancing connection rod mechanism can guarantee all cutting positions have the same depth.
  2.the special setting structure with cutting force and cutting height makes the travel adjustment be simple and accurate.
  3.with the automatic computer control feeding speed (fastened punching head), the operation is labor saving, simple and safe and the cutting efficiency is high.

maximum momentum 250kn
seissor speed 0.12m/s
stroke adjustment 0—120mm
range between the working tables 60—150mm
feeding speed 20-90m/s
size of the upper pressing board 1600×600mm
size of the pressing board 1600×600mm
motor power 2.2kw+0.55kw
overall dimension 1300×900×1800mm
total weight 1050kg

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