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double probes full automatic conveying series needle detector -凯发88

model no.︰shm610
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country of origin︰china
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double series needle detector
1. machines designed have all feature of type 600b,and type c.
2. type shm-610 double probes is based on two groups of probes and a machine bodyt.
3. type shm-610 double probes strides up a new height for sensibility respect to type 600b or type 600c.
(for the client wanted to buy this needle detector, it is hoped to send letter or send fax to our corporation, our corporation will send information material of type jzq-600d double probes needle detector with free charging, and it may alse consult by calling.).
1. detectin area: 600mm(l)*100mm-150mm(h)
2. detection sensitivity: diameter 1.0mm-1.5mm iron ball
3. power: ac220v±50hz
4. power consumption: 200w
5. volume: 2900mm(l)*1100mm(w)-900mm(h)
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