buttonholing machines -凯发88

buttonholing machines

model no.︰s-299

brand name︰-

country of origin︰china

unit price︰-

minimum order︰-

product description

·max.sewing speed: 2,000 s.p.m.
·needle system:  do×5 or 1413-01
·the width of buttonholes:2.3~3.8mm
·dimensions of buttonholes without taper bar:16~35mm
·dimensions of buttonholes woth taper bar:13~32mm
·max.length of taper bar:9.5mm
·machine cuts hole before sewimg: machine cuts hole before sewimg
·double gimp machine:inserts reinforcement gimp top and buttonhole 
●all s-299 machines have an auto-matic needle thread cutting mechanism for positive cutting on all lengths of buttonhole.some varieties are provided with a device that cuts needle thread, looper thread and gimp automatically on completion of sewing cycle.this feature helps increase production significantly and is particularly effective in making buttonholes with taper bar.
●the s-299 machines are capable of making a great variety of shapes and styles of buttonholes merely by adjustment of the mechanism.
●the s-299 machines are designed to handle a very wide range of threads.
●top quality buttonholes of exceptionally fine appearance can be made regardless of the type of thread being used.
●the machine covers protect the operator and keep materials clean yet are easily removed for servicing and adjustments.
●the work clamp carrier is sturdily constructed yet smooth and quiet in operation.

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