bar cutter weapon -凯发88

bar cutter weapon

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product description


1, the structure is reasonable, the design is advanced, the automaticity is high, the ease of operation, cuts the strip to be accurate, the efficiency is high, receives the volume automatically, puts automatically curls

2, to use the special steeliness bit, the life is long, the margin neat, artistic

3, the machine have correct an error to install automatically, guaranteed that material cutting out quality

4, by the engine case, the feeding work table, the rack, the cutter, the feed mechanism and so on is composed.

5, is suitable in cutting out each kind of rubber, the silica gel, the leather, the paper, the cloth and so on to be nonmetallic.

major technique parameter:

1. cutting width: 5-1000mm

2. cutting thickness: 1-10mm

3. biggest cutting out material diameter 600mm

4. shear velocity: stepless adjustable

5. electrical machinery power: 500kw 220v 50hz

6. external dimensions: 950mm×1400mm×6500mm

8. heavy quantity: 680kg

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