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manual feeding disc cutting machine -凯发88

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 manual strip cutting machine 
 width: 1700mm-2400mm;

 rotating speed of cloth roll: 0~800rpm;

 diameter of cloth roll: ø 36mm;

 power: 1.5kw.

  minimum width of cut strap: 2mm;

  voltage: 380v/220v;

  machine measurement: 2700 x 750 x 1400mm.
  manual cutting machine, straight strap and 45-degree diagonal straps machine suitable for cloth, adhesive-bonded fabric, tent, umbrella, sponge foam, leather, reflective material, plastic, paper, two-side glue, acetate fabric, reinforced belt, conductive cloth, copper, foil and other materials of various width straight. the idea choice of industries of clothing, bags, footwear, hats, garment subsidiary material, reflective material factory, tent factory, umbrella factory, transformer factory, electron factory and other industries.
 manual vertical strap, 45-degree diagonal strip cutting machine includes a manual cloth cutting machine, a 45-degree vertical diagonal cloth rolling machine, a knife grinding machine 
   (1) spindle power (cloth) using cvt system, may do high and low adjusting speed and positive & negative switching control, blades without speed. cutting speed matching fabrics to achieve the best quality.
  (2)use of ruler sign system to control cutting width.

advantages︰it is applicble to the cutting of various width belts insuch industries as garment, shoes-making, leather, handbag,rubberized fabric and paper.
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