automatic screen printing machine -凯发88

automatic screen printing machine

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product description

automatic screen printing machine
 ▲ :use
this machine useds for the continuous automatic silk screen printing of a tube material, can print to make the not dry gum, whole interest to defend various material of false trademark film, pvc, pet, opp etc..
 ▲ :technique index sign
·valid biggest width  250mm
· printing speed 0-2500 times/ hour
· partial to the accuracy 0.15mm
· biggest to accept to put a path 500mm
· work electric voltage 380v
·whole machine power  12kw
· spirit press 4.5-6.0kg/cm2
·host shape  2100x900x1500mm
·oven shape  2600x500x1900mm
·whole machine weight  1200kg