die cutting machine -凯发88

die cutting machine

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product description

die cutting machine
▲ :use
the high speed that mainly used for the common not dry gum trademark, label, the laser whole interest to defend the false trademark, precision, the convenient mold slice and divide.be applicable to the au to stick the dish that mark machine's need to take to produce and cut into slices the trademark specially.
▲ : technique index sign 
·power supply electric voltage  220 vs or 380 vs
·sum  settles the power 2
·mold  slices the width 200mm
·mold  slices the area 100x200
·mold slices the speed 0-160 times/ min
·mold  slices the accuracy the light controls the 0.10 mms;the distance controls the 0.05 mms
is partial to the 0.15 mms
·shape size  2200x550x1350mm
·machine weight  600kg