pneumatic gilding press -凯发88

pneumatic gilding press

model no.︰sl-90

brand name︰-

country of origin︰china

unit price︰-

minimum order︰-

product description

the use and characteristic use and characters
it is superficial and gilt and pressing flowers that this machine is suitable for rubber, leather and fur products such as sole, belt,etc., make the products achieve the goal that the appearance is esthetic.
machine this mainly by fuselage, stir some work, give paper tape organization and receipt device to make up automatically, the transmission between air cylinder and job board makes use of connecting rod organization to finish, the orange cold foil is sent the paper organization to give the paper automatically, the organism is light, can place on working in different places. have appearance esthetic, light and flexible, automatic intensity easy to operate high, characteristics of having long performance life etc..
technical parameter parameter
press and shut the largest height
maximum pressing height
have the board size of the job
dimension of the upper working plate
heating function
heating hp
hole diameter in the orange cold foil
diameter of the bore of gold stamping paper
ф 16mm - ф 25mm
the external dimension is (long and * wide and * high)
350 *300 *550mm