cloth inspecting machine -凯发88

cloth inspecting machine

model no.︰ybq-180/240

brand name︰-

country of origin︰china

unit price︰-

minimum order︰-

specifications︰ modle yb1800 yb2400
maximum width (mm ) 1830 2430
speed (m/min) 0 ~ 45
maximum drum diameter(mm) 300 300
trimiming tolerance (%) < 0.5
subtense shift(mm) < 150
gauge length < 0.1%
gauge length (m) 0.01
power (kw) 1.5
voltage (v) 380
external dimension(mm) 2700×1550×1900 3300×1550×1900
weight (kg) 500/620 800/900

inspect the quality of all cloths.
inspect the cloths and roll them up.
inspect the cloths and put them loosely so that the stretched-out cloths could be recovere

advantages︰ equipped with the special-made instrument to spread the curly cloths into flat ones and fold them tidily.
electronic inspection system assures the tidy edge of the cloth after rolling upgood package and easy usage.
use the inverter to control the motor speed and the inspection speed is about 0~70 yards per minute.
equipped with the import counter and has two different installations, aiming at different cloths, for the accurate measurement of the yards.
equipped with the rolling up system aiming at different cloths for inspection or the yards count under the non-tension status.
unique designed instrument satisfies the different cloth demands.
the inspection width is 1830mm (standard instrument).
ybq-180/240 is with the edge control cloth instrument .
optional: loosening device for knitted fabric.
we make the machines with different specification according to customers' demands.

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