style needle detector -凯发88

style needle detector

model no.︰hn-610

brand name︰-

country of origin︰-

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minimum order︰-

product description

to be suitable for inspecting various clothes,bedclothes product and toy.

1. has all features of type bcd.
2. machine can automatically account numbers.
3. lcd displays position of broken needle.
4. photoelectric controles magnetic field and can display if magnetic field is disturbs.
5. represents the highest nowadays level of needle detector at home and abroad.

remark: if client needs special specification with widening or increasing height of inspection scope, it can be made to order.

technical index

power supply power inspection height and sensitivity
mm/diameter of iron ball
volume(l x w x h)


ac200±10% 140 100(mm) 、φ1.0fe
120(mm) 、φ1.2fe
150(mm) 、φ1.2fe
1820 x 1050 x 900 –1150 160

product image