semi-industrial embroidery

model no.︰pr-620(附软)

brand name︰-

country of origin︰japan

unit price︰-

minimum order︰1 pc

product description

specifications: pr-600iic

specification description
type embroidery
free arm convertible yes
pattern rotation yes
thread tension automatic
bobbin type vertical
max. sewing speed (stitches per minute) tubular: 1000 cap:600
image view yes
max. embroidery area 300x200mm
lettering fonts (embroidery) 13
usb interface yes
floppy disk drive no
enlargement-reduction lettering yes
enlargement-reduction pattern yes
arc array for lettering yes
tajima data format import yes
auto thread cutter yes
side cutter no
lower thread sensor yes
embroidery editing yes
needle threader yes
thread colour indication yes
total time indication yes
on screen manual yes
frame pattern yes
one-point designs 123
embroidery movement position yes
enlargement-reduction size reset yes
dimensions (cm w x d x h) 75.8 x 82.0 x 92.8
weight (kg) 53.10
warranty 5 years limited warranty/ garantie limitée de 5 ans

specifications︰ pr-620 embroidery machine
the brother pr-620 gives you the power and technology of a commercial embroidery machine yet is incredibly easy to use. this innovative machine is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home yet portable enough to take with you on the road. and best of all, its attractive price makes it possible for you to become a professional or to embroider just like one.

advantages︰ single head, 6 needle embroidery machine with cylinder arm
up to 1000 stitches per minute embroidery speed
200 x 300mm embroidery area
8 sided design trace
automatic colour changes
automatic needle threading
automatic thread trimmer
11 built in size adjustable keyboard lettering fonts
built-in thread colour information
design memory retention
design rotation
individual stitch back-up
new & improved large colour lcd touch screen
multimedia capability
on-screen editing
pre-wound bobbins
thread brake detection system
usb port

product image