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hychaulic plane material cutting machine -凯发88

model no.︰250
brand name︰xclp2-250
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smooth hydraulic pressure powered cutting machine xclp2-250

it is suitable for forming and laying-off of leather, plastic cement, canvas, nylon, paper board,vacuum forming,composite material,blister cotton,package,and various kinds of synthetic materials in one layer or numerous layers.
1.the guide for the hold-down plate moving up and down is near to the lead rails in two sides.the good guide effect ensures the parallelism of upper and lower working sides.
2.the double-hand operation ensures the operators safety.
3.the machine is equppied with dragging plate so that it is easy for operators to take out cutter mold and ensures the safety.
4.the compound bearing installed between the headstock and bearing seat does need any lubrication. no wearing.
5.suitable for laying-off of wide and multi-layer materials.

maximum momentum 250kn
seissor speed 0.10m/s
stroke adjustment 0—100mm
range between the working tables 60—150mm
size of the upper pressing board 1600×500mm
size of the pressing board 1600×550mm
motor power 2.2kw
overall dimension 2000×700×130mm
total weight 1400kg

advantages︰use:it os suitable to scissor up liathe ,plasic nylon paper carton ,sponge and synthetic fibres,in particular ,it is suitable to cut single layer width materials.
a.operation is simple ,safe scissioring force so strong with fast scissoring speed.b.main shaft is equiped with a lubricating systein to lessen wear and prolong seruice life.c.its lower linif of stroke is contolled by elecmagnteic vale with high prescision so it can make high shoes ,time lapse relay controls pressing board rosing positon simply.d.kinfe position can be ste somply and can be adjusted conveniently adn quichly.
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