eyelet buttonhole machine -凯发88

eyelet buttonhole machine

model no.︰model: s-299u

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product description

 model: s-299u
      application: 1.coats and jackets, also raincoats and garments made from loosely woven materials. 2.garments made from knitted fabrics and materials that need extra reinforcement in buttonnholes. 3.trousers, overalls, jeans, etc. 4.straight buttonholes in knitwear and fine materials. 5.good quality men's jackets, etc. 6.for heavy weight materials, especially waist band portion of jeans, etc.
      description: 1.machine cuts hole after sewing.
2.machine cuts hole before sewing.
3.double gimp machine.inserts reinforcement gimp top and bottom of buttonhole
4.machine cuts needle thread,looper thread and a gimp automatically on completion of sewing cycle
5.machine has coarse feed gears to give a simulated "hand sewn" effect.
      speed: 2,000
      needle use: do x 5
      gross weight: 88  (kgs)
      measurement: 65×42×65  (cm)
0.18   (m 3 )

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