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fabric shrinking and forming machine -凯发88

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product description

application specifications

model osp-2000 osp-2000ii osp-2000iii
power supply 3p/220v3p/380v
air pressure 5~7kgf/cm²(0.5~0.7mpa)
air pressure 0.3~0.5mpa
steam consumption 250kg/hr 300kg/hr
rated output heater - 20.4kw
cooling motor 0.75kw*2
steam motor 0.4kw
feeding motor 0.2kw
buffer motor 90w
vibration motor 90w
speed motor 6w*2
belt speed 0~8m/min
processing speed 4~8m/min
dimensions (mm) 6800*2500*1600 6800*2500*1600 7500*2500*1600
net weight ≤3000kgs ≤3100kgs ≤3300kgs

  • reduce the fabric shrinking problems after ironing during the sewing procedure.
  • keep the clothing's dimension and shape stable.
  • smooth the clothing cutting process.
  • to bring better effect for bonding fabric & interlining. after shrinking and shaping in advance, the fabrics are without the shrinking problems of cuttingsewing or ironing. it is easy to produce and increase the additional values of the products.


  • the auto sensor of feeding conveyor feeds the fabric without tension.
  • use the steam and the relaxing vibrator to soften the fabric.
  • the fabrics enter the dry area through the vibration area so that the steamed fabrics can be dried under the best condition.
  • use the powerful suction cooling system to cool the fabric quickly and then get the fabric fixed through the strong cooling.
  • use the swivel arm to stack up the fabric keeping the relaxing tension.
  • special electrical heating system can supply the lack of the steam heating any time.
  • equipped with yard accumulator to measure the fabrics length after shaping.


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