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automatic spreading machine -凯发88

model no.︰sb-1
brand name︰sakura-stitch
country of origin︰taiwan
unit price︰-
minimum order︰-
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product description

1. newest design with luxult modern looking steam line abs cover.
2. digital display and touch screen.
3. broken needle location indictor.
4. display the passing sum,detected sum and total sum.
5. including extra-thick and extra-thin inspection function.
6. belt correction device.
7. automatically startup function.
8. ep design to automatically stop function for better energy saving.
9. vision and sound alarm,and automatically reverse function.


width for lnspection
maximal roller dlameter
error of rolling
error of measuring length
power supply
size of appearance (mm)
weight (kg)

specifications︰specifications model ks1-190 ks1-210
maximum cloth width 1900m/m 75" 2100m/m 83"
tablewidth 2130m/m 84" 2330m/m 92"
machine weight 290kgs 305kgs
power 1p/220v 1kw
weight of cloth roll 80kgs max
diameter of cloth roll 450mm max
travel speed 86m/min max
lay height 220mm . 300mm(ks1-h)
150mm . 230mm(ks1-h)
product image

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