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conveyor belt type automatic nc precision four-凯发88

model no.︰xclp5-1000
brand name︰chengen
country of origin︰china
unit price︰cny ¥ 180000 / pc
minimum order︰1 pc
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product description

model: xcll4-600/2000kn

name: conveyor belt type automatic nc precision four-post hydraulic cutting machine

detailed description: xcll4-600/2000kn series belt type automatic nc precision four-post hydraulic cutting machine

use and characteristics:

1 the machine applies to large factories with molding knife mold on the carpet, leather, rubber, cloth and other non-metallic material continuous high-volume blanking

the 2 conveyor section is controlled by plc, driven by a servo motor that material from the machine side input, by cutting back output, from the other side, ensure feeding precision, stable operation; and feeding length can touch screen for convenient adjustment.

3 host using the guide, double crank balance, four-pillar die trimming mechanism, hydraulic control system,guarantees the machine cutting speed and accuracy, all sliding connection part adopts a central oil supply automatic lubricating device, so wear to a minimum.

the 4 material input, output on the conveyor belt conveyor, and the die cutting of materials but also on the conveyor automatically.

5 adopts a photoelectric pneumatic deviation-correcting device, ensures the precise location of the running of the conveying belt.

6 cutting area of the machine feeding, discharging mouth is provided with a security screen, ensure the personal safety of operators.

7 knife mold is fixed by a pneumatic clamp or a mechanical clamping device, convenient replacement knife mold.

8 special specifications can be customized.

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