zipper color printing machine -凯发88

zipper color printing machine

model no.︰gzy-500

brand name︰chengen

country of origin︰china

unit price︰cny ¥ 198000 / pc

minimum order︰1 pc

product description

the heat transfer machine is the pre printed paper by heat transfer roll heating, pressure transfer to a new printing machine many kinds of printing the zipper. the production efficiency is high, the economic benefit is remarkable, is the ideal equipment for surface processing industry. it is widely used in all kinds of zipper manufacturing printed decoration.
the heat transfer of zipper products, bright color, color thick, stereo, and strong adhesion. to improve product quality, increase the added value of products.
1 basic processes: the first process of unwinding (zip) tang ping (heat) transfer volume.
second roll (transfer paper) to rectify the next roll up
2 the equipment mainly consists of the following components:
tape correction system, heating and ironing transfer system, coiling system composed of automation equipment, and can display the temperature of the system at any time, tension control current, line speed and other parameters

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