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electric heating boiler -凯发88

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uses and characteristics:
this series of electric steam generator furnace and the storage tank is made of imported stainless steel, high pressure pump pressure water supply pump shell body stainless steel gear, low noise, automatic control of water level, the furnace and water storage tank automatic water supply, steam pressure automatic control in 0.250.35mpa and equipped with safety valve, the installation is convenient, the steam power is about 15 you can get a 0.35mpa minute pressure, steam temperature uniformity, high working efficiency.
technical indicators criteria /technical

model name               sl-dr-6       sl-dr-9     sl-dr-12    sl-dr-18      sl-dr-3
working voltage            380v          380v        380v        380v          220v
motor power                550w          550w        550w        550w          550w
electric heating power     6kw            9kw        12kw        18kw           3kw
using pressure 0.25mpa-0.4mpa 0.25mpa-0.4mpa 0.25mpa-0.4mpa 0.25mpa-0.4mpa 0.25mpa-0.4mpa
exterior dimension     550*660*1000  550*660*1000 550*660*1000 550*660*1000 400*400*600
the                       10kg/h         15kg/h       4.5kg/h     18kg/h       25kg/h
weight                       96kg         96kg         96kg        96kg         99kg

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