wide fabric cutting machine -凯发88

wide fabric cutting machine

model no.︰lbj-3000

brand name︰chengen

country of origin︰-

unit price︰cny ¥ 145000 / pc

minimum order︰1 pc

product description

automatic extra-width breadth fabric cloth cutting machine, especially for home textile, automobile manufacturing.lab furniture industry fabric cutting, solve the problem, wide fabric cutting cloth.main device lcd touch device: simple setting the length of the lab, way, quantity, speed and paragraphs.cutter device: cutter and host can simply to tear open outfit, can according to the cloth cloth cutting width setting cutting knife walking distance and cutting speed.eagerly: equipment with cold cuts and eagerly conversion function.automatic cloth loose device: loose fabric first, then lay down, eliminating tension and maintain lab lab quality consistency.magic eye automatic edge device: in lab order operation process can achieve automatic right to the edge.cloth tail sensor device: when the fabric finish pull control host automatically stop working, and automatically back protection.automatic rising device: can be set up in accordance with the fabric thickness, match the lab.in cutting bed on both sides of the emergency stop device: stop using wire, may at any time anywhere in cutting bed pull wire rope for emergency stop.

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