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automatic hot melt gunning system -凯发88

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product description
intertech’s agt system represents the standard in design for
productivity versatility, simplicity of operation and human engineering.

the agt automatic hot melt gunning system provides fast, high volume and consistent quality production of insulated glass. it is a compact, simple to operate automatic gunning system that eliminates the need or dependence on highly skilled hand labor. the intertech hot melt gunning system offers an immediate step up to automatic assembly line production at a fraction of the cost of hand gunning.

the agt can handle a wide range of production capacities. it is easily operated by one person / one station, ramping up to a crew of four to five people producing up to 180 units per hour. setup is straight forward, requiring no more space than that normally taken by a hand gunning operation, easily fitting in as small as a 12’ x 12’ area.
specifications︰general description heavy duty structural steel table with a teflon caster top working surface mounted on 5” floor casters and equipped with a floor locking device
overall size 60” deep x 106” wide x 45” high
table working height 36”
net weight 1,200 lbs.
drive advance motion control with regen drive and timing belt
controls advance programmable logic control and photoelectric sensing system. positive thumb wheel speed selector.
maximum gunning length 80”
air supply 3 cfm @ 85 psi
power supply 120vac @ 60 hz, 9 a
220vac @ 50 hz, 4.5a
advantages︰handles full range of production volumes
setup – to – training - to - full production in hours
highly productive
extremely cost effective
automatically adjusts to any length glass
accurate sealant insertion
systems easily customized
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