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cnc cutting system -凯发88

model no.︰tj-1600
brand name︰chengen
country of origin︰china
unit price︰cny ¥ 280000 / pc
minimum order︰1 pc
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product description

this is a fully automatic cutting system for garment cutting quality, enhance the efficiency of the clothing production, is a modern garment production process of the production equipment (figure 1).is a equipped with high speed up and down reciprocating cutter, conveyor belt of multilayer automatic cutting system, cutting thickness can be up to 10 mm (vacuum compressed).material automatic machine to cut cloth from shop area, polyethylene film covering material automatically to prevent the vacuum leak.application of the latest control system.the real-time control system makes multiple cropping system is highly intelligent, excellent reliability.cnc cutting system changed the traditional custom of the knife mold cycle is long, change the trouble, the high cost of open mould, fully implemented without die cutter can work finished cutting, can save a lot of manpower and cutting die cost.can be trimmed in leather, carbon fiber materials, composite materials and flexible material of single and small amounts of multilayer cutting, completely replace manual cutting and realize the digital cutting workshop, greatly improves the work efficiency and reduce labor costs, achieve standardized operations, can be used for full production.perfect operating system, run the operating system of gold inside has good storage commonly used technical parameters for you ahead of time, can choose according to different cutting material use different tool formula, make you are machine more simple and convenient

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