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aztech thermal extruder -凯发88

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the intertech atx-mini is a compact tabletop hot melt gunning unit, easily mounted on a small sturdy table or workbench. setup is easy. power is applied from a standard 115 vac outlet (220 v 50 hz version is available). load up to 20 pounds (or 2 gallons) of materials in the hopper. add more material at any time during production. production rates of up to 50 pounds of hot melt sealants or adhesives per day are realistic.

gunning temperatures for both the hose and the pot are then set on the temperature dials, controlled by solid-state pc relays and digital controller. heat-up time is 45 minutes to an hour.

a heavy-duty progressive cavity pump provides a uniform, pulse free adjustable flow rate for hand gunning or automatic dispensing. an eight-foot heated gunning hose and a trigger-actuated lightweight handgun with a swivel coupling is supplied with the unit. a variety of nozzles and dispensing heads are available.

clean up is minimal. the power is simply turned off when the equipment is no longer needed and reheated when required.

specifications︰machine dimensions 24” wide x 16” high x 19” deep
net weight 90 pounds
shipping weight 110 pounds
power requirements 16 amps @ 115 volts / 8 amps @ 220 volts
construction aluminum pot
steel base and working components
motor and drive 1/6 hp gear motor
pump positive displacement pump with an adjustable pressure range to 500 psi
pot opening dimensions 4 ½” x 9” x 11 ½” deep
pot capacity temperature 2 gallons (approximately 20 lbs)
range viscosity range 2000 to 4000 f (950 to 2050 c)
flow capacity to 500,000 centipoise
approximately 1 pound per minute at above viscosity (can be changed to suit application
start-up time approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
advantages︰quick and easy setup
simple to use
easy to maintain
accurate gunning
highly productive
extremely cost effective
simple between-use cleanup
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