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automatic cutting -凯发88

model no.︰tmcc-1725
brand name︰tmcc
country of origin︰china
unit price︰cny ¥ 6400000 / pc
minimum order︰1 pc
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product description

tmcc computer automatically converted for cutting suits, uniforms, car interiors, jeans, pants, bags, women, fashion, lingerie and other crop developed. which device after the maximum cutting thickness of vacuum 70mm, the effective length of the conventional crop 2500mm. products suitable for cutting larger pieces, reducing feeding time, can effectively improve cutting efficiency. with computer typesetting automation, material saving, high cutting precision, high efficiency characteristics, is a change in cropping history. this product is to enhance the strength of the company, improve product quality, improve work efficiency and cost savings with a significant role. this device uses a straight knife cutting way back and forth up and down, not only on the machine is fully automatic control, and cutting control software based on a variety of fabric cutting, adjust the order passes, cutting direction, the cutting speed and other parameters be set up to ensure quality crop.

model                             tmcc-1725 / m           tmcc-2025 / m          tmcc-2225 / m 
cutting area (mm)                  1700 × 2500            2000 × 2500           2200 × 2500 
cutting speed                                              0-50000mm/min 
fabric cutting thickness (adsorption)    maximum 70mm, according to the characteristics of different                                                        fabrics and different cutting height 
precision cutting tool cutting down repeat 
pressure, flow                                            0.55mpa 160l/min 
crop independent 凯发网唯一 copyright computer                  software automated cutting software 
supply voltage supply                                       ac380v/50hz 
weight (kg)                            2100                      2200                 2400 
machine size                     5760 × 2610 × 1500 5760 × 2610 × 1500 5760 × 2610 × 1500

product features 
1, computer design, automatic layout, saving raw materials. 
2, computer-controlled automated cutting, instead of a lot of cutting workers, and mass production. 
3, support for multi-source data formats directly receive common costume design, typesetting software. 
4, unique algorithms and motion control technology to achieve a seamless line and arc, high cutting precision, automatic sharpening time to design, cutter long life. 
5, no printing, storage cardboard, with a high recycling rate, easy-plate management. 
6, easy to replace supplies, low cost replacement. 
high degree of automation, simple operation.

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