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inspecting automatic shop -凯发88

model no.︰pbj-2200
brand name︰chengen
country of origin︰china
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 the professional production used in automobile industry for airbags cutting out before the fabric, multi-level synchronous pull together, the tension control is each volume in the same tension stretch keep each volume materials under the same length, so as to ensure the quality of the product of cutting out. 
1 and the second roll a group, and both can independent control can also control group, every two group set up a pair of feed roller to ensure the machine running on.
2, the height of the conveyor belt and the machine automatically cutting the highly consistent inspecting, so as to ensure the normal and correct into fabric cutting machine.
3, automatic cloth shop. in the good cloth, press the automatic switch, machine shop cloth will be automatically, without the operating personnel with machines. 
4, simple operation. this machine is operating the self-closing operation, very intuitive simple, to operating personnel without any special requirements (such as some machines must demand the operating personnel to understand english, understand the computer, and so on), ordinary workers in a very short period of time will be totally learn to the machine operation. don't have to worry about because operators to exchange the effects of production. 
5, the real no tension labs. the unique tension control design and automatic tracking songbu send cloth function, make the machine has achieved true without tension spread cloth, greatly improving the cutting precision. solve the cloth cloth in the process to have spread because of the tension and make the work piece deformation problems.
6, exhibition cloth device: pull cloth, grey cloth sometimes because the discount vertically, show the cloth can be opened out of cloth. make out a fabric is very smooth. 
7, emergency stop. in an emergency, or need emergency stop, may at any time anywhere the emergency brake, need not operation personnel after to machine and operation. in the emergency brake, has sent the cloth of the won't drag.
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