needle detector-凯发88

nh-600 style needle detector
to be suitable for inspecting various clothes,bedclothes product and toy.

1. has all features of type bcd.
2. machine can automatically account numbers.
3. lcd displays position of broken needle.
4. photoelectric controles magnetic field and can display if magnetic field is disturbs.
5. represents the highest nowadays level of needle detector at home and abroad.

remark: if client needs special specification with widening or increasing height of inspection scope, it can be made to order.

technical index

power supply power inspection height and sensitivity
mm/diameter of iron ball
volume(l x w x h)


ac200±10% 140 100(mm) 、φ1.0fe
120(mm) 、φ1.2fe
150(mm) 、φ1.2fe
1820 x 1050 x 900 –1150 160

1. machines designed have all feature of type 600b,and type c.
2. type shm-610 double probes is based on two groups of probes and a machine bodyt.
3. type shm-610 double probes strides up a new height for sensibility respect to type 600b or type 600c.
(for the client wanted to buy this needle detector, it is hoped to send letter or send fax to our corporation, our corporation will send information material of type jzq-600d double probes needle detector with free charging, and it may alse consult by calling.).
1. detectin area: 600mm(l)*100mm-150mm(h)
2. detection sensitivity: diameter 1.0mm-1.5mm iron ball
3. power: ac220v±50hz
4. power consumption: 200w
5. volume: 2900mm(l)*1100mm(w)-900mm(h)

rang of application

it is mainly used for bedding, down and feather filled products, carpets, especially non-woven cotton, spray-bonded cotton, needle-punched cotton, etc., and can be interlocked with relevant devices, devices, such as cloth rolling machine, etc.


1、  it is operated simply and is convenient and practical.

2、  it can indicate the location of broken needle.

3、  its stability and sensitivity are superior to similar automatic needle detectors.

power source




ac220v 50hz

fe1.0~¢ 1.5mm



wide needle machine
this machine is mainly suitable for bed linen and duvets and big-ticket items in the mixed ar broken needle detection of substances
product description:
configure a new type of needle nose and a new circuit, with durable internal structure and advanced assembly methods, an increase of auto-balancing features. needle increased sensitivity, enhanced anti-jamming capability
the machine has a manual / automatic, rewind / non-rewind, sensitivity, sensitive instructions, broken needle position indicator, sound and light alarm, finished counting functions. so that the operator at a glance. completely design, luxury and beauty, there are broken needle position indicator (sub-8 area). to the statistics the number of qualified was seized. there go the wrong belt device. eco-design 10-minute auto-shutdown power saving feature.
according to customer requirements, the aircraft can be customized for the two probes of the needle machine.
main technical parameters:

supply voltage:
detection height
detection sensitivity
machine weight:
conveyor speed
   about 30m/min
external dimensions