trademark machinery-凯发88

holographic dot-matrix machine
▲ :that machine is a precise equipments of key that changes the picture laser source version through the laser figures light to design the creation.make use of the laser machine learns the principle to carry on the source version to shine on the row.
▲ : shape size of · 80cmx60cmx110cm
power of · 700w
tallest resolution in · 50:00/ mm(1270 dpis)
the · work speed 15:00/ second
laser machine power of · 10 mws(4416 as.,508 dpis)
the · control sketch 8, gray scale diagram of bmp

holographic system
▲ he-cd laser (the us or japan produce)
· output 7mw · dynamometer 0-100mw the 
· power to request 220v,50hz,2kw 
· external dimensions 1000x200x350mm 
· weight 70kg two, optical table 
· external dimensions 1200x3000x700mm originally) the weight: 2000kg
▲ use
 uses under the silver salt, the light send on the slushing compound equisignal light material to record two-dimensional/three dimensional, the three dimensional total information image, but may also use in other related holograms the photography

 ▲ : use 
that machine is a kind of high and precise surface to float the grain of to transfer the processed equipments, mainly applying a version of laser that passes to weave the distance to put together to constitute the significant noodles in the laser picture source version. 

▲ : technique index sign
· puts together the version area 800x800mm the 
· presses to print the speed 10-20 second/ every time the 
· presses to print a noodles max 50x50mm the system of 
· is hydraulic-pneumatic max 20mpa the high of 
· flaps the power of 20kva an environment temperature, degree of humidity of the 
· work 18 ℃s-2470%s of ℃s

 ▲ :use
used for the whole interest metals mold presses the creation that the female version and whole interest metals molds press to print the version.
▲ : technique index sign 
·power supply electric voltage   220v 50hz
·biggest exportation electric voltage  12v
·biggest exportation electric current   60a
· heating power is biggest 4.8kw 
· work temperature indoor temperature~50 ℃
shape size
· give or get an electric shock the control box:860 x600x430s( mm) 
·give or get an electric shock the slot1320 x560x880s( mm)
machine weight
· the single slot electricity controls the box:70kg
 give or get an electric shock the slot of :200kg

▲ :use
the equipments mainly useds for the pet to plate the aluminum film to go forward to go to press to print, becoming the laser whole interest light grid grain picture.
 ▲ :technique index sign 
·power supply electric voltage 220v
·settles the power 3kw
·the film thickness  20um-80um
· presses to print the speed 0-150 versions/ mins
· work temperature normal temperature-150 ℃s
· accepts to put a path 400mm
·host shape  1500x700x1200mm 
·machine weight 900kg

holo-soft embosser
▲ :use
used for the opp, bopp, pvc, thin film of pet goes forward to go to press to print, becoming the laser whole interest light grid grain picture.
 ▲ :technique index sign 
·power supply electric voltage 380v
·sum  settles the power 25kw
·film thickness  10um-60um
· presses to print the speed 5m/min-25m/min
· work temperature normal temperature-150 ℃
· accepts to put a path 600mm
· host shape 2000x1800x1600mm
·machine weight  3200kg

coating machine
▲ :use 
be applicable to a tube pass thin film material surface even draw the cloth organic chemistry to glue to match, through dry the way to heat to make melting agent vaporize, will another a the layer thin film material passes to add to press the compound to glue to match to become a kind of compound material that has the good function.the compound thin film material can be:plastics film, cellophane, aluminum screen, paper, draw the 纶 film etc. a tube material of different category.
▲ : technique index sign 
· draws the valid width of cloth 1300mm
· applies the material of pet 12-20um bopp 20-40mm
· draws the cloth method the cave of the net draws the cloth directly
· draws the cloth speed 15-150m/min
· puts biggest diameter <=800mm
· accepts biggest diameter <=600mm
· shape size( l* w* h) 14000*1800*4100(mm)

die cutting machine
▲ :use
the high speed that mainly used for the common not dry gum trademark, label, the laser whole interest to defend the false trademark, precision, the convenient mold slice and applicable to the au to stick the dish that mark machine's need to take to produce and cut into slices the trademark specially.
▲ : technique index sign 
·power supply electric voltage  220 vs or 380 vs
·sum  settles the power 2
·mold  slices the width 200mm
·mold  slices the area 100x200
·mold slices the speed 0-160 times/ min
·mold  slices the accuracy the light controls the 0.10 mms;the distance controls the 0.05 mms
is partial to the 0.15 mms
·shape size  2200x550x1350mm
·machine weight  600kg
demetalized machine
▲ :use
the equipments mainly useds for the sketch, writing that plates the aluminum film to wash the aluminum formation various request.
▲ : technique index sign
·biggest width in film  200mm
·operation speed 0-18m/min
· aluminum film thickness 19-50um
· accepts to put a path 500mm
·sum  settles the power 18kw
· power supply electric voltage 380v 50hz 
·shape size 4000x900x1350mm 
·heavy quantity  1200kg

automatic screen printing machine
 ▲ :use
this machine useds for the continuous automatic silk screen printing of a tube material, can print to make the not dry gum, whole interest to defend various material of false trademark film, pvc, pet, opp etc..
 ▲ :technique index sign
·valid biggest width  250mm
· printing speed 0-2500 times/ hour
· partial to the accuracy 0.15mm
· biggest to accept to put a path 500mm
· work electric voltage 380v
·whole machine power  12kw
· spirit press 4.5-6.0kg/cm2
·host shape  2100x900x1500mm
·oven shape  2600x500x1900mm
·whole machine weight  1200kg