cloth inspecting machine-凯发88

automatic fabric inspection machine
inspect the quality of all cloths.
inspect the cloths and roll them up.
inspect the cloths and put them loosely so that the stretched-out cloths could be recovered.
equipped with the special-made instrument to spread the curly cloths into flat ones and fold them tidily.
electronic inspection system assures the tidy edge of the cloth after rolling upgood package and easy usage.
use the inverter to control the motor speed and the inspection speed is about 0~70 yards per minute.
equipped with the import counter and has two different installations, aiming at different cloths, for the accurate measurement of the yards.
equipped with the rolling up system aiming at different cloths for inspection or the yards count under the non-tension status.
unique designed instrument satisfies the different cloth demands.
the inspection width is 1830mm (standard instrument).
ybq-180/240 is with the edge control cloth instrument .
optional: loosening device for knitted fabric.
we make the machines with different specification according to customers' demands.

product name:
ybqd multi-functional tensionless series fabric inspection machine
check inspecting series

functions and features:

1. the precisely build-in infrared electronic automatic selvedge matching system to assure the neat and tidy of selvedge while fabric gets winding.

2. winding can get operated in front or back which convenient to recheck for fabric miss inspection. the tension or tension free of fabric can be adjusted at will.

3. equipped with stainless steel roller for scraping fabric to spread uneven and folding parts to have a neat and tide winding.

4. equipped with automatic button for fabric unwinding and winding to avoid fabrictensile deformation caused by manually pulling.

5. convenient and prompt foot switch controller.

6. working bench have been set in front of the machine to easy the operations of fabric feeding from lower fabric roll, winding and packing, etc.

7. multiple color-matching lights to convenient color matching operation.

8. adopting advanced transparent materials to strong inner and outer light to have all views at fabric in stream.

9. high-precision counter to record the length of fabric correctly.

10. with swivel castors to convenience the moving. 

11. the design for this machine is people oriented which is suitable for knitting and weaving fabric.

product name:
yb-1series fabric winding/inspection/unwinding machine
check inspecting series

functions and features

1. with build-in frequency control device which have the speed get regulated optionally within the range of 0-50m/min.

2. with tension fabric adjusting system which may regulate the tightness of winding.

3. with swivel castors to convenience the moving. 

4. with functions of winding and inspection as well as fabric inspection and unwinding. 

5. with precisely digital display length counting meter which achieve a correct and clear length measurement.


1. model and specifications  2. width of fabric inspection  3. speed of fabric inspection 4.voltage  5.power  6.maximum reel diameter  7.weight  8.dimension

check cloth needle detector in two machine
ybqj - 1 configuration f21a type control line needle detectors and broken cloth, cut cloth device system, when detect iron of metal and automatic alarm foreign stop when the operation, timely inspecting inspection of foreign matter from iron metal, to check cloth, needle detector and broken cloth, cut cloth once completed effect, other features with ybq type.